007? OhZone7? Can James Bond be a woman? Greatest female victim of history returns to #MeToo

3flower-emblem_cropGIRL WHO FELL

by Raechel Sands

Helen of Troy – the woman the whole world remembers and blames for the Trojan war – reincarnates as Leila of Bosnia.

“History has wronged her,” yelled Leila. “Wronged me! I will set it right!” And then she woke up.

Caught between a woman angel and a serial killer, Helen is in a lesbian love triangle like never before.

GIRL WHO FELL is a cinematic new series tipped for the big screen. Jason Bourne and Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code meet Killing Eve and James Bond, but with a mixed race teen as the hero. Helen becomes the working woman who gets it together, to work within the corruption of international espionage, and to try to save the world. Is she the new woman James Bond? Judge for yourself…

A unique blend of Auschwitz, espionage, karma, rock and lesbian love triangle takes the reader on a roller coaster of intrigue and murder.

Book 1 THE GIRL WHO FELL is Amazon #1Best Seller in the U.S.A. and U.K