My Top 10 ways that you can help our planet #1 – 5

In today’s world we often forget about our planet and how to protect it. I have compiled a list of the best ways that we can help our world out.

1. Remember to turn things off.

This one is easy, but so many people forget that it is simple to turn things off. The less energy we use the less fossil fuels release gases into our atmosphere. Remember that on STANDBY devices often use as much energy as when ON.

2.Eat less meat

Eating meat has a surprising impact on your carbon foot print, and reducing can have a significant impact.

3. Recycle everything you can.

These days, most everything is recyclable. Take the time to find out and recycle it.

4. Cut down on plastic (see picture).

Plastic has a very long biodegrading time and will stick around for hundreds of years. This is terrible, so try to use alternatives. Getting milk from the milkman in glass bottles (UK) is one way – each bottle is recycled 50 times.

5.If something is broken, don’t just throw it away, fix it.

These days there’s a how to guide on fixing everything, so what’s stopping you from just repairing stuff and not wasting it?

If you have any tips then please let me know! Numbers 6- 10 of my list next week.

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