My Top 10 ways that you can help our planet #6 – 10

6. Try to not drive and walk or cycle as much as possible.

You could even take the bus if you would like as it allows for less people in multiple vehicles and reduces your carbon footprint massively.

7. Plant trees.

Trees are great for the environment and if you take a little time just to plant some it could be great.

8. Buy stuff locally.

The less distance you have to go the better as the less carbon emitted out into the world, especially if you are walking or cycling.

9. Have food delivered (unless you walk or cycle)

Having food delivered instead of driving to the store is great as it makes it so there Is only one carbon emitting vehicle on the road for everyone instead of everyone hopping in their cars and polluting the earth.

10. Use your microwave

These things are way more energy efficient than ovens and are also quicker, and you do not just have to cook ready meals in a microwave.


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