Virus Metapox Satire Thriller Lesbian Love Triangle XX

Coronavirus deaths pass 3,000

My heart goes out to everyone infected in the Coronavirus pandemic / epidemic, and to everyone frightened by it. As the death toll passes 3,000—four times SARS—both the USA and UK prepare to instigate plans to limit its spread. In Europe and the Middle East, cases in Iran and Italy appear to be going off the scale. As one of my readers messaged me today: “Thank God it’s not Metapox.”

As we work to get ‘Girl Who Fell 4: Reckoning’ out, as well as the new Audiobooks for Girl Who Fell books 1, 2 and 3, anyone who wants to read about a far worse apocalyptic virus—Metapox—should escape into Blanka and Major Grinin’s world, my political satire Hail the Queen series.

It may be, if we all start to have to stay in our houses, that consuming psychopath stories like Killing Eve and Girl Who Fell will help keep us sane!

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