XX Coronavirus Latest Science on COVID-19 Virus and—Just Maybe—a Partial Home Cure For Coronavirus.

My heart goes out to everyone ill or frightened by the growing pandemic. As the death toll passes 5,500, with Italy heading for 20,000 identified cases, here are two pieces of good news about the virus. Yes, you read right! Good news!
With regard to the possible, partial “home cure,” please remember I am not endorsing any product, I am simply passing on information—some of it buried away but available on the UK’s NHS website! I am not suggesting an alternative to medical treatment or hospital treatment for the virus; the information is about boosting your immune system.
I am, however, the Helen of Troy magic realism writer of a gripping thriller/lesbian fiction/SF series featuring a terrible virus killer (first released in paperback in 2017, and a bestseller in 2018 and 2019)! Until the Audiobooks are out in May, the Kindles are available at the ridiculous price of 0.99—so click the UK or USA link below and distract yourself for a pound or a dollar 20. The good news science is below the book links.

First, scientists from Sunnybrook Research Institute, McMaster University, and the University of Toronto, in Canada, have isolated the current strains of coronavirus, and cultivated it in a secure containment facility. The virus strains are known collectively by scientists as Sars-CoV-2—quite clearly a close relative of the original SARS. Covid-19 is the name given to the clinical illness these viruses cause, which will probably have claimed 6,000 victims by the time you read this.
Of course there may actually be many more… people die in the normal run of life and doctors are somewhat notorious for putting down the wrong cause of death, heart failure etc instead of the underlying cause.
As a sufferer for several years from another terrible illness, the more mild Lyme Disease, I can confirm that doctors and scientists don’t know everything!

The second good news is about a possible, a maybe, partial protection from coronavirus using an herb from a flower to help your immune system be at 100% to fight the virus. Bear in mind that with any virus—antibiotics do not help (as they only fight bacteria, which are cells, and about ten times larger, and can be seen under optical microscopes). So viruses are harder to fight. Think Smallpox, think Polio, think Ebola, think HIV! So maybe we could do with a little help from outside the global medical/pharmaceutical industry. Some would say mainstream scientists and doctors have had 102 years to prepare for another virus plague like the 1918 Spanish Flu (another virus), and have done very little to prepare, even after the first SARS (this is SARS 2 the WHO say). You be the judge of that…

Echinacea purpurea

The evidence is based on this flower’s proven efficacy in augmenting the ability of the human immune system to fight the common cold. But, here’s the thing. The common cold is a type of coronavirus, just as SARS and this Wuhan novel Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus are (see the WHO definitions at the end.) So on the basis of, ‘What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander,’ what works for one coronavirus may, might, possibly could work for another. Stocks are certainly running out. So if it appeals to you, hurry! Again, I am a thriller writer not a doctor or scientist. I’m not selling or endorsing any product—except my Girl Who Fell 1: Behind Blue novels and its sequels, which I guarantee will distract you from this gloom!!! The science links are all at the end. A study of 900 patients. The UK’s NHS website. The WHO on corona viruses. Now for the flower….

A panacea /pænəˈsiːə/, named after the Greek goddess of universal remedy Panacea, is any supposed remedy that is claimed (for example) to cure all diseases and prolong life indefinitely. It was in the past sought in connection with the philosopher’s stone, a mythical substance.
The humble flower, Echinacea, is certainly no panacea.
Regarded in folklore as a “cure” for colds and flu, you can even grow it in your garden (back yard in North America)! But, surprisingly to the general refuseniks and media, in 2012 the herbal remedy made from it showed in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 900 people a reduction in the severity of cold symptoms of 26%.

26% I hear you say. So what? Yeah, well, what if it did that with the symptoms of a virus more dangerous than the common cold? Check out the science papers below, and maybe take a high dose of Echinacea. In the trial they took around double the dose usually recommended by the sellers. I’m eating fruit, and taking vitamin C with zinc too. And, whatever you do, check out my first novel Girl Who Fell 1: Behind Blue. It’s only available on Amazon (probably like Echinacea now). At a time of such financial uncertainty, possibly a sound investment for your sanity: at 0.99




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