Women’s Position XX Chromosome Protects Them From Killer Virus. The Truth Is Out There – It’s All In The XX Files.

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Just a few months into the pandemic, combined U.S. and U.K. deaths pass 100,000 with children now in the front line with new illnesses caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus striking them down. The 100,000 number will be an underestimate – as testing for the virus is still sketchy, and many death certificates do not mention the virus as cause of death. For example: during today, the U.K.’s figures were increased by 4,000 when the National Statistics Office added figures from deaths earlier in April which occured outside hospitals.
With coronavirus pandemic deaths now sure to pass a million in the three expected phases of the epidemic worldwide, it’s probably time to make the truth more visible.

What is the truth about SARS 2?
Well, here are some of the myths which are not true, and which have hampered the world’s response to the virus:
it is like flu; I don’t know anyone who has had it; it doesn’t affect children; it only kills old people who would have died anyway; we won’t get it.

One myth which has been busted today by the WHO is that it came to Europe in January. French biologists have run tests on pneumonia patients’ samples from December, which have tested positive, showing that SARS-CoV-2 was in Europe in December. One pneumonia patient had not travelled abroad since July 2019.
“This gives a whole new picture on everything,” WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier told a UN briefing in Geneva.

The truth is out there but it’s difficult to find.
Chinese, European and U.S. governments underplayed the danger of the virus for at least two months, losing all hope of saving deaths by early quarantine measures, and testing, and allowing air travel by human carriers of the virus to continue even to the present day.
Hilariously, the U.K. hasn’t even started checking people arriving into its country by air to see if they have obvious symptoms like fever (as of 5th May).
Even the scientific name of the virus has been hidden from the public in an attempt to “manage them.” It is called SARS-CoV-2 (Nature, WHO), and its DNA is 80% identical to SARS 1 (The trinity of COVID-19: immunity, inflammation and intervention in Nature Reviews Immunology 28 April). So let’s just call a spade a spade: It’s SARS 2 plain and simple.

The same scientific paper reveals that a gene on the human X sex chromosome – called ACE2 is probably accounting for the difference in fatality rate with females being only 60% as much at risk as males.

In the attack on our cells, the “spikes” on the SARS-CoV-2 virus bind to ACE2 as its host cell target receptor, which starts the infection process.
“As ACE2 is located on the X chromosome, there may be alleles that confer resistance, explaining the lower fatality rate in females,” write the authors.

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