XX Celebrating International Women’s Day in CMYK! Read the True Story of Magenta: Malaria, Harry Potter, Killing Eve & Lombardy, Italy—It’s a Killer.

Molly Goddard displaying Killing Eve Villanelle dress – in this season’s magenta

My heart goes out to everyone ill or frightened by the virus pandemic. As the death toll nudges 4,000, here is an awesome, fun, Harry Potter-like story!
Now, you’ve all heard of magenta a.k.a. Fuchsia—the color that the Villanelle dress above is dyed. But I bet you didn’t know that the color was only created 150 years ago, and is named after a town in northern Italy!

In my Girl Who Fell magical realism thrillers, Magenta is the name of the Graham Norton-like sidekick to the villain. (Click above to get the Kindles @ 0.99, or wait a little for the Audiobooks.)
But did you know that magenta really doesn’t exist? It’s literally “all in the mind!” It has no frequency or wavelength of light…
But, we’re all familiar with the magenta ‘M’ of CMYC colors and printing. It’s defined as a purplish-red, located between red and blue on the color wheel. So, how come it’s not a color? Well, the magic that led to magenta‘s creation is just amazing…

In the mid-19th century, there was a great rush to invent things, and the industrial chemical revolution actually began with the serendipitous invention of the dye for mauve—by a real life Harry Potter.

This apprentice magician… okay, apprentice chemist… called William Perkin, a teenager in London, was trying to synthesize the medicine quinine for the treatment of another terrible disease—malaria.

One night in 1856, William was performing experiments in his crude laboratory in the attic of his home in Cable Street, east London. Suddenly, he noticed a thick purple compound bubbling from the apparatus! It was so bright a purple he thought it was magic! And it was! William had created the first synthetic fixed dye in history.

It was stable, and didn’t fade in sunlight, so Young William knew he was on to a winner. Producing more of the chemical in his parents’ garden shed with two friends, William went on to patent the first aniline dye in the world, as ‘Mauvine,’ when he turned 18.

Public demand for the dye was increased when Queen Victoria in Britain, and Empress Eugénie (wife of Napoleon III) in France, wore these purple colors; and when the crinoline or hooped-skirt, whose manufacture used a large quantity of cloth, became fashionable.
William made his fortune, and is remembered as one of the great pioneers of chemistry.

With Mauvine’s huge popularity, the search was on all over the world to develop more new colors. 
In France, in 1858, François-Emmanuel Verguin was not far behind. Being French, he was inspired by a flower—the Fuchsia—and managed to create a matching synthetic dye, and new color, that was to become a major part of the color wheel and of our language!

First named ‘Fuchine’ by François in 1859, after the flower, the dye and color was renamed—Magenta: after the Italian-French victory at the battle of Magenta in Lombardy, Italy!

So magenta had its name and, the rest, as they say, is history! It went on to become one of the most famous and used colors in the world. However, magenta is an extra special and extra-spectral color— it is not a hue associated with any visible light.

Magenta has no wavelengths of its own. It is evoked by light having less power in green wavelengths than in blue and red. 
In terms of brain physiology, the color magenta and all of its shades from purple to red, is simulated in our brains! When the eye reports the lack of green, but the presence of red and blue, the brain magically creates the hues and shades of magenta to exist in our minds. Now that’s what I call magical realism!

Virus Metapox Satire Thriller Lesbian Love Triangle XX

Coronavirus deaths pass 3,000

My heart goes out to everyone infected in the Coronavirus pandemic / epidemic, and to everyone frightened by it. As the death toll passes 3,000—four times SARS—both the USA and UK prepare to instigate plans to limit its spread. In Europe and the Middle East, cases in Iran and Italy appear to be going off the scale. As one of my readers messaged me today: “Thank God it’s not Metapox.”

As we work to get ‘Girl Who Fell 4: Reckoning’ out, as well as the new Audiobooks for Girl Who Fell books 1, 2 and 3, anyone who wants to read about a far worse apocalyptic virus—Metapox—should escape into Blanka and Major Grinin’s world, my political satire Hail the Queen series.

It may be, if we all start to have to stay in our houses, that consuming psychopath stories like Killing Eve and Girl Who Fell will help keep us sane!

Missionary Position XXX

Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve, season two.

It was inspiring listening to Phoebe Waller-Bridge on BBC Women’s Hour today…
Love this dress so much XX ! and it brings back I Hope You Like Missionary Position which took us close to the end of Killing Eve 2—where Villanelle gets her own back on Eve.
But even though we have to wait ’til June in the UK for Killing Eve Season 3—Spoiler Alert!—of course Eve is not dead!
The third writer Suzanne Heathcote takes over from Emerald Fennell and it will be interesting to see how she does. There was some criticism of Season 2 being ‘too far-fetched.’
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Two Fifths of Arctic Lost In Last 40 Years

This gorgeous picture of mother and daughter polar bears by wildlife photographer and Arsenal supporter Andy Rouse is featured in the London Sunday Times today. But official figures just released by the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre show that 37% of arctic ice has been lost between 1979 and 2019 (graph below)… …Anyone notice the weather being weird…? In my mother and daughter 2020s thriller books, the Hail the Queen saga (click below), the daughter sets up a ‘Blanka’s Arc’ on uninhabited islands to protect endangered animals.

The new 007 is a black woman?

The new 007 is going to be played by the woman of colour Lashana Lynch. This makes Lynch the first ever Bond girl to actually be Bond… Lynch is previously known for her role as US Air Force Mechanic Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, starring along side Brie Larson who is also known for being the first ever Marvel Female character to get her own movie, showing that Lynch is an independent gal who even associates herself with Kick Ass women. The decision was made by Co-writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who is also known for Killing Eve season 1. Waller-Bridge is very pro woman and pro diversity in all her writing, just like I am in my book series; THE GIRL WHO FELL, in my series we have all sorts of kick ass spies from psychopath Felicity to Helen of Troy reincarnated Leila, find out about my books by clicking above.

leaving hidden toilet cameras aside…

Stars Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris have been shooting in London with the Aston Martin V8… Naomie is the first non-White actress to play Miss Moneypenny, and the first to have romantic moments with James! Could this be the new bond girl?! In my books instead of having just one bond girl we have many, the difference being that they are female James Bonds and not just companions. My female secret agents; Blanka, Felicity, Nearby and Leila (Helen) are like James Bond but much cooler…

Robot fish with its own blood

This robot fish is powered by a synthetic liquid that contains a significant amount more power than a traditional battery, the liquid propelling the fish for up to 40 hrs longer. This blood system is much more efficient and reminds me of the purple blood that my oZones have. Maybe this with AI could lead to AI enhanced humans like Leila, Blanka and Felicity in my books.

Missionary Position XX

Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve, season two.

Love this dress very much XX !
I Hope You Like Missionary Position brings us in the direction of the conclusion of Killing Eve Series 2—Spoiler Alert!—where Villanelle gets her own back on Eve.
There’s been some criticism of Season 2 being ‘far-fetched’ but the shows are good at stretching our limits and taking us a little out of our comfort zones. If you want more of these complex women characters and, particularly, more congruent assassins and spies—check out the eight women and the lesbian love triangle in THE GIRL WHO FELL by Raechel Sands 12-book series. Click above…