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 It really is a serious problem if Tea cant fix it!

Have you ever tasted something so peculiar you have to have more? 
Russian caravan tastes like “campfire, charcoal, and chocolate” sounds like a punishment, but trust me its divine!

In fact, these are what make the Russian tea ‘exceptionally delicious’.

Unlike an Earl Grey or the English Breakfast tea—blends that were an outcome of intent—the Russian Caravan was actually an accidental discovery.

Established sometime in the late 1600s, was the ancient Sino-Russian trade route. This is where this magnificiant tea originates. Large quantities of tea were exported from Imperial China to Tsarist Russia. Mile-long camel caravans loaded with tea traveled some 6000 miles via Siberia for 16 long months. In Russia, this tea was bartered for fur.  Now, there was a shorter route that curved around the southern borders of Odessa, but on this road, the tea suffered from the moist air of the tropical sea. The Siberian path, on the other hand, preserved the integrity of the tea, thanks to the cold and dry climate that loomed over this route.

The caravans that traveled along these cold, snow-covered roads, would stop for a rest around smouldering campfires. Parked next to the fire, the teas too acquired some of the woody smoke, turning ever so slightly smoky each day.  By the time this tea made it to Russia, it tasted quite smoky and rather strong. Fortunately, this suited the Russians.

Russian Caravan Tea

1 part Lapsang Souchong
1 part black tea 
2 parts Oolong tea