Avengers Endgame has the best female leads! (spoiler warning ahead)

The Endgame spoiler ban has finally lifted and I’m so glad I do not have to keep all my emotions held in. I absolutely loved the movie and think that there are way too many good scenes to talk about them all here but some of my favorite scenes are: Captain America holding Thor’s hammer, The all girl scene where we had all of our favorite female heroes team up together, lead by Captain Marvel to defeat Thanos. The only things I am really disappointed in is that they did not have a grandiose funeral for Black Widow like they did for Tony Stark, even though she is still an key player and one of the original Avengers. I still hold that with the Marvel universe allowing for the promotion of female super heroes since 2006, it has made it easier for people like me to write The Girl Who Fell by Raechel Sands, which has ever so many female leads who are really super soldiers in their own way.


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